3 Ways Retailers Can Accommodate Mobile Shoppers

Consumers are a savvy bunch and getting smarter by the day. We have learned to appreciate everything from how to spot deals online or via our smartphones to even managing multiple store reward programs.

This is the way forward and retailers have gotten hip to the new consumer landscape and as such now have a number of tech friendly measures to accommodate the new breed of shopper. Are you one of them? Do you use your Android or iPhone to check on prices while in the store or maybe you look for coupons while headed to the checkout line. Whatever your level of tech savviness, retailers are listening and adapting. See a few additional ideas, on ways that retailers can do more.

1. Allow Barcode Scanning In Store -

There are a number of apps now which allow consumers to save money or get details on a product, when they scan a barcode in store. As a retailer, you can make the process easier or at the very least allow it. Keep in mind that these apps vary in functionality and purpose. Some might allow a consumer to check on product details such as an in depth ingredient list, another might give the shopper some reward for buying the item. It’s not all about price comparisons.

2. Make Website Mobile Friendly -

One thing that any and all retailers can work on is to make their website mobile friendly. This means asking the on site developer to make the site responsive to the various tablet and smartphones on the market. Ideally a website should fit the various screens regardless of the device it’s being viewed on. This is what makes the site mobile friendly. However one personal pet peeve of mine is when the mobile friendly theme or template used on a site, is not easily interchanged from one to the other. This matters because I might want to see the mobile version of the site on my smartphone, but not on my Kindle Fire. So making it easy to switch or toggle to the non mobile version upon request – is a plus in my book.

3. Facilitate Mobile Coupons -

This is key in today’s economic climate and retailers should not underestimate its power and prominence. Numerous apps exist from a variety of different developers that make it easy for shoppers to save on everything from meals to service providers and especially the local grocer. It’s clear that shoppers want to use coupons, make it easy for them to access and use while in your shop.

These are exciting times we live in from a tech standpoint, and retailers stand to benefit greatly if they have open ears and then adapt to the changing climate. Consumers are usually vocal about what they like, don’t like, need and or are not getting. It will just be a matter of time before mobile is widely accepted and adopted by both most consumers and most retailers.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links at coupon sites that help support FrugalQuack.com. Thanks for using them!
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