5 Ways To De Stress On The Cheap

Having a hard time at work? A teen driving you nuts at home? Maybe your pet is tearing up your furniture? If any or all of these apply to you, then it’s time for a little de-stressing in your life. But who has the money to visit a spa each and every week to get kinks out via a relaxing and soothing massage. Surely there are low cost methods that do the trick without breaking the bank.

With this in mind, below we look at five ways to release some stress on the cheap.

1. Walking

A good walk can do wonders for your mood, your energy and your overall outlook on the day. This doesn’t have to be a two hour vigorous walk, a fifteen to twenty minute excursion could be all you need. However the longer you walk, the higher the returns. And what fun is walking by yourself, enlist the companionship of a friend, relative or neighbor and walk yourselves silly.

2. Comedy

This is my personal fave way to de stress. Nothing gets me in a better mood and better disposition that a good hearty laugh, be it in the form of a good joke, a silly Adam Sandler comedy or cute cat video on You Tube. Whatever makes you tickle and giggle is ripe for bringing a little levity to the day.

3. Music

Some people react and respond to music, like others respond to a good massage. It just puts them in a different frame of mind, a better mood, and so on. If this describes you it’s time to pull out the boombox, the MP3 player or whatever you listen to and blast that baby all the way up. Dancing also does wonders for many, if so – get those dancing shoes out and dance the blues away.

4. Retail Therapy

No, we’re not talking Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s here, but maybe your local Bath and Body Works shop where lots of lovely scents await you or Yankee Candle where an easy breezy aromatic candle is calling your name, or perhaps your local nail shop where you can get your nails manicured and pampered for less than $20 a visit. These are all excellent ways to de-stress on the cheap.

5. Alone Time

Depending on your family and living situation, sometimes all you really need is a bit of alone time. A time where nothing or no one interrupts you, asks you for anything or calls you out for anything. Just you yourself and no one else for maybe 30 whole minutes. If that describes you and what you might be seeking, then let others know and give yourself that much needed alone time. This could mean you going into your bedroom, the basement, the attic, your office, etc and just mellowing out with nothing to do or anyone to see for 30 uninterrupted unadulterated minutes.


We’re sure you could come up with a few more ideas, let us know below in the comment area, how you de stress on the cheap. What little things do you do that make you feel good but don’t cost a lot of money? Tell us below.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links at coupon sites that help support FrugalQuack.com. Thanks for using them!
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