Easy Redecorating On A Budget Using Accent Walls

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This is a guest post by Lucas Jenkins.

Painting one wall a bright, eye-catching color can completely change the look and feel a room without the cost and labor of four walls’ worth of paint. An accent wall can give you the chance to be fresh and creative, and break up a traditional room with minimal commitment for a quarter of the usual time and cost. Follow a few general rules and your room will be sure to give the effect you’re after.

Which Wall To Accent

Wherever the accent wall goes will be the focus of the room, so balance your space by choosing the  wall featuring your entertainment system, offset a bookcase, or highlight your kitchen table. What you have against or in front of this wall will be the first thing you, your guest and your family notice, and sets the mood for the room at first sight.

How To Choose A Color For Your Accent Wall

Go for something that plays with your current color scheme. Unless you have a room full of blacks, whites or neutrals, pay attention to your existing colors. As a general rule, a beige or brown couch can match reds, blues or softer yellows, and shades like bright green or orange are better matched with pure black or white furniture. A light blue can do wonders for light or earth tones, while red can play with the stainless steel of a kitchen or black leather couch. Dark bedroom furniture does well with a medium taupe or leaf greens. Whatever color you choose, the bedding or upholstery can be matched to a lighter or darker shade of that color.

If mistakes are made with the color choice, or you find yourself with a shade that looked better in the store, there’s no need to panic over the effort. One wall can be painted over quickly. With an accent wall, there’s less room for error and a sensual purple, bright green, or even black don’t have to have the over-assertiveness that might come with a full paint job in that shade.

Bedroom Accent Walls

The best choices for accent walls in the bedroom are softer colors that don’t interrupt sleep- unless you want that electric orange on the opposite wall waking you up on a day you’d rather sleep in. If you want to go bold, choose those bolder colors for the wall behind your bed. This way, an eye-popping (and shut-eye reducing) bright won’t be the first thing you see when you’re trying to relax and get some rest. Another cost-efficient option is to stencil or create a frame with painter’s tape and eliminate the need for a headboard.

Make Painting A Family Affair

Accent walls are also a great way to get your family involved. Children will be able to help paint with just a quarter of the plastic, tape and supervision time. They can even help choose a color that won’t need the priming-over of a whole room once they’ve outgrown the color scheme. The same goes for picky teenager or landlords or potential home buyers. You’ll be thankful when the time comes to go back to a solid scheme that repainting a full room is one thing left off the list.

No matter what room you’re looking to freshen up or grant a dramatic change, an accent wall is just one of the many simple ways a room can be transformed on the cheap in less than a day.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links at coupon sites that help support FrugalQuack.com. Thanks for using them!
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