10 Ways To Save Money On Gas

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This is a guest post by Mikaela Watson. Mikaela likes to write about green energy, couponing & home equity loans.

We live in tough economic times, and as such people are looking for ways to save money.  With soaring gas prices, anyone who drives can save a significant amount of money with a few good tips. Here are ten ways to save money on gas that will not break the bank.

1. Maintain a Constant Speed
On highways and interstates, make sure you use your cruise control to keep a steady speed.  Driving over 60 mph decreases your fuel efficiency. Therefore, do not be a speed demon.  Slowing down WILL save you money on gas.

2. Air Conditioning
If you are sitting in traffic, turn the air off and roll down the window.  However, if you are on the highway, you should still use the air conditioner instead of rolling down the windows (too much drag affects fuel efficiency in a different way).  The best way to save money is to keep the air conditioning off, if you can stand it.

3. Keep up Maintenance
If you have maintenance problems that need repaired, do not ignore them!  You might think that you cannot afford it. However, it will actually save you money in the end, because certain defects with the vehicle can reduce gas mileage (and if a problem gets worse, it’ll be more expensive – car problems don’t just go away like a cold or fever).  You should make sure that you change the oil regularly.  The oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or every three months.  Your air filter should also be regularly checked.

4. Tires
Make sure your tires have an adequate amount of air in them. Keeping your tires inflated can improve fuel efficiency by up to four percent. It also expends the life of your tires, which can save you money.  You should also have your tires aligned.

5. Carpool
If you have other people from your office who live nearby, consider carpooling. You could even possibly share a car with your spouse if they work near your place of employment.  Many offices advertise carpooling on the bulletin board, or you could send out an email to everyone in the company asking if anyone watch to share a ride. This could literally cut your gas expenses in half (or more).

6. Look at your Gas Cap
Many cars on the road actually have broken or defective gas caps…so you need to check yours.  You also need to make sure that it is on securely. If gas fumes escape from your vehicle, it will hurt your fuel economy.

7. Brake Correctly
If you ride with your foot on the brake, it will cost you more in gas.  It will also make your brake pads wear out quicker.  In addition, the most gas is used when you are accelerating, so do NOT speed up and then slam the brakes.

8. Do not Idle
If your vehicle is stopped for more than 25 seconds, you should turn it off.  In addition, you might be tempted to go outside and warm your car up on a cold morning.  This will actually cost you more money in gas.  If you are stuck in traffic or in a long line, turn your vehicle off.

9.  Research Stations
Gas prices will vary among stations. Therefore, you should know which stations have the lowest prices.  Know when certain stations offer discounts, and check websites that list the lowest gas prices in your area.  Some stations offer discounts if you use cash, and some stations offer discounts for using a certain credit card.

10. No Premium!
High octane refers to gas that can be compressed more.  It is not necessary to purchase this type of gas unless your vehicle requires it. Regular gas is around 20 cents cheaper, and premium is not something that will make that much of a difference, performance wise.

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  1. Richard says:

    I get my gas at Costco whenever I can. It’s a local discount warehouse that often has discount gas stations. Also, I drive conservatively. Don’t accelerate or brake too hard. That tends to be hard on your car and mileage.
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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links at coupon sites that help support FrugalQuack.com. Thanks for using them!
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