3 Money Saving iPhone Apps For Women

Article contributed by a guest who writes about personal finance, debt counseling and frugal living.

With the economy tanking badly right now the way it is, everyone is out to save a buck and or keep more in the bank. From using coupons to shopping online and everything else in between the consensus is simple – shop smart and save money whenever and wherever you can. And one thing many are doing is turning to the web, using iPhone apps or via various other tools to do just that.

With that in mind, we decided to scour the iTunes store and see what good frugal iPhone apps I could find that would be helpful or useful to women. Below are three of our findings.

1. Text Free Unlimited -

If your cell phone service provider doesn’t have or charges too much to add unlimited texting, then web based texting is your next best bet. This free app allows you to receive and send texts to others at no charge. This is great for those who text a lot and or simply want a low cost option to their cell phone providers texting plan.

2. Scout Mob -

This cool app scours the web for low cost eateries in whatever zip code you search. Are you in the mood for BBQ ribs? Maybe a Mexican joint? Well no cuisine is out of reach with this very cool app. Great for foodies on a budget and or those who love a sweet meal and deal. It’s simple, intuitive and free. Find it on the web via the iTunes store or search via your iPhone directly.

3. Gas Buddy -

Everyone is concerned with the high price of gas and how best to conserve. It’s a viable concern and one that affects us all, whether we drive or not. However if you are a driver and are looking for smart and easy ways to save. Try this free iPhone app that lets you search and compare rates on various gas stations throughout your city and state. A time and gas saver in one. Works as you would imagine, by typing in a zip code or city name and then choosing the gas station you think has the better rate without having to drive 20 miles to get to it.

There are many more frugal iPhone apps out there, but the three profiled above should help you score some big savings. As a woman who looks out for the family’s budget, no doubt this a boon for you. Try one or all since they’re free and let us know how they fare for you.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links at coupon sites that help support FrugalQuack.com. Thanks for using them!
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